Gatekey D In Mega Man Battle Network 2: How To Get It

Obtaining Gatekey D in Mega Man Battle Network 2 takes strategic planning. It’s rare, and you need it to access special areas. To get it, progress through the game until you reach a specific point. Here, complete an objective to get the key. You also need customization skills to retrieve it.

Once you have Gatekey D, you can access new areas. These include hospitals, food factories and government buildings. Each has unique challenges and rewards.

Surprisingly, Gatekey D wasn’t in the original game. The developers added it as a secret incentive for dedicated players. That means experienced gamers have new content to explore. Gatekey D is the key to unlocking cybernetic dreams!

What Is Gatekey D In Mega Man Battle Network 2?

Gatekey D is an essential item in Mega Man Battle Network 2. To get it, players must first conquer all virus enemies on the battle squares of area two. Then, they must find five rare chips. These chips are Navi +30*, Bass +*, LifeAura*, Z-Saber*, BubbleWrap*. After that, they must talk to Higsby. If they do all this, they will get Gatekey D!

This key opens the gate to the undernet. Without it, players cannot progress in the game or find rare items. Gatekey D appears in later sequels, but not as important as it is in Mega Man Battle Network 2. It allows players to explore new places and fight hard enemies.

Gatekey D is like the golden ticket from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Instead of candy, it unlocks an exciting area in Mega Man Battle Network 2.

Why Is Gatekey D Important In Mega Man Battle Network 2?

Gatekey D is a must-have in Mega Man Battle Network 2! With it, you can unlock new areas like the Undernet and WWW Area. To get it, you have to beat the game’s bosses in a certain order. This calls for strategic planning and expert execution!

Gatekey D isn’t just for the main story – it also grants access to side quests and extra gameplay. So, don’t miss out! Get the most out of the game by obtaining Gatekey D. Just remember to follow the necessary steps. Good luck on your journey!

Mega Man Battle Network 2 How Do You Get Gatekey D?

To get Gatekey D in Mega Man Battle Network 2, you need to follow a few steps. Talk to Higsby to get a hint, trade chips with NPC Traders to collect rare chips, complete jobs for Dexter to increase your reputation, and participate in NetBattles to earn new chips. These subsections will guide you through the process of getting Gatekey D.

Talk To Higsby

Gatekey D in Mega Man Battle Network 2 can be yours! Seek out Higsby in ACDC Town’s NetSquare. He’s ready to trade with you. But, he needs specific chips – PopUp, Rush, and BatteryMan chips. You can get these from battling viruses. Or, buy them from other traders in NetSquare. When you have the chips, trade them with Higsby for the precious Gatekey D.

Getting those chips might be difficult. Check different areas of the game. Also, bring a strong folder and healing items for battles.

Pro Tip: Save often! Losing valuable chips due to a failed battle is no fun. Trade your unwanted chips with NPC traders. It’s like a garage sale for Battle Network fans!

Trade Chips With NPC Traders

If you’re after rare chips in Mega Man Battle Network 2, trading with Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) can be helpful. Check out the table below to see what each NPC wants and what they’ll offer in exchange.

Note: Chip offers vary based on progress and rank.

Still no luck? Try tournaments and side-quests for rare items and more traders. Don’t miss the chance to get hard-to-find chips! Talk to all NPCs regularly as their inventory might change. Good luck! Oh, and remember: if at first you don’t succeed, try bribing the netnavi!

Below is the table of NPCs and their offerings:

Complete Jobs For Dexter

To get Gatekey D in Mega Man Battle Network 2, you gotta do Dexter’s jobs. They help you progress and unlock the stuff needed for Gatekey D. His tasks include finding viruses, sending messages and other challenges. Doing these gives you rare and valuable goodies to help on your journey. Early jobs with Dexter are easy, but get harder. To complete all his missions and unlock all goodies, you need to stay vigilant and strategize. When tackling his tasks, prioritize well. There’s often multiple at once, so plan which ones are most important first. Pro Tip: When playing Mega Man Battle Network 2, take notes or use memos to help remember the tasks for getting Gatekey D from Dexter. NetBattles: Beat strangers in virtual combat in the comfort of your own home!

Participate In NetBattles

NetBattles are a great help if you want to make progress in Mega Man Battle Network 2 and get your hands on Gatekey D – an item that’s essential to finish the game. Here’s how to join the battle:

  1. Connect your PET to the ‘net and search for opponents.
  2. Choose the right contestant based on their rank and location.
  3. Send them a challenge request.
  4. Fight and win rounds to get rewards or climb higher ranks.
  5. Keep battling to increase your chances of getting Gatekey D.

Be aware that some opponents have exclusive items like powerful chips. If you can get those, you can make your journey even easier!

Did you know that NetBattling is also featured in other Mega Man games such as Mega Man Star Force?

Getting Gatekey D is tough – but we’ve got the right tool for it!

Tips For Getting Gatekey D In Mega Man Battle Network 2

For the treasured Gatekey D in Mega Man Battle Network 2, here’s the plan:

  1. Search Den Area 3 for a secret wall passage.
  2. Fight all the foes inside to access the computer.
  3. Use your hacking skills to bypass the security systems and grab Gatekey D.

Be aware that this isn’t an easy mission. Enemies and puzzles will be aplenty. But don’t worry – Gatekey D is required to progress.

Also, while exploring Den Area 3, look out for hidden items and secret passages. They can help you succeed!

Don’t miss your chance to advance in Mega Man Battle Network 2. Take on the challenge of acquiring Gatekey D – it will be worth it. Don’t be discouraged by Gatekey D, just follow these steps and you’ll be a Mega Man pro!


To finish, getting GateKey D in Mega Man Battle Network 2 needs gamers to do a few tasks in the game’s tale. This includes conquering certain bosses, gathering certain items, and doing quests. After all the requirements are finished, gamers will get the GateKey D and open access to new regions of the game.

Apart from the story, gamers can also use cheat codes or game changes to get GateKey D. Though, these methods aren’t suggested. They may result in glitches or harm game files.

For those seeking other ways to level up their game experience, buying upgrades for MegaMan (e.g. HP and attack strength) and gathering rare chips can give valuable benefits in battles in the game.

Remember that although obtaining GateKey D is an important point for gamers, it’s only one part of Mega Man Battle Network 2’s complex game mechanics. To be successful in this exciting adventure, continued exploration and thinking strategically is essential.